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As our yellow “wave of innovation” has indicated for years, Stolle is committed to advancing metal packaging through “A constant flow of sustainable innovations and technology that will benefit customers.”  From some of the strongest and most metal-efficient tab designs available, to brilliant new equipment upgrades, to revolutionary new equipment poised to impact the next generation of can making, Stolle continues to make significant investments of personnel and funding to R&D in every area of can making.  Stolle’s global technical centers are dedicated facilities developing the advanced technology that future can makers will come to rely on while producing the sustainable machinery features that today’s customers expect.

Stolle has been designated a Platinum OEM Partner by Rockwell Automation.  Companies at this level have met the product design, marketing, and business relationship criteria of Rockwell Automation technology across their entire company. Rockwell’s strategic partnership will further help Stolle to develop innovations in advanced software and hardware across their product line.

Rockwell Automation

Recent Innovations

Smart Decorator Technology

Stolle’s revolutionary Smart Decorator product line is taking 2-piece can decorating to new levels of quality and efficiency. The first 2 products in the Smart Decorator line allow the operator to make fine printing adjustments directly on the HMI control screen rather than manually on the decorator. The Inkjector makes precise adjustments to the fountain keys on each inker, while the Remote Registration system makes fine-tuned adjustments to the plate cylinders, including plate pressure, circumferential, and side-lay adjustments. Stolle is currently developing more products in the Smart Decorator line that will eventually lead to full automation.

More Information (Inkjector PDF)             Inkjector video

More Information (Remote Registration PDF)

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Stolle inSight Ushers in the Future

An interactive interface that provides real-time operational analytics through the HMI, improving performance and efficiency in real-time, while reducing recovery and maintenance times.

InSight Panel also maintains a log of performance and quality data for deeper analysis.

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Quick Change Decorator Cylinders and Rolls

Stolle now offers Sandon Global technology which supports faster and safer removal and installation of plate cylinders, overvarnish gravure rolls and applicator rolls.

MagPro® System – The world’s only pneumatic plate mounting system for Concord Decorators (Rutherford in development)
Gravlite® System – Lightweight OV gravure roll sleeve replaces heavier cylinders
Glidepro® System – Lightweight OV applicator roll sleeve for Concord 24MRT (available soon for 36MRT and Rutherford Decorators)

MagPro® Patent #’s: EP4048523; US2022/0410559 @ EP3368317B.   GravLite® Patent #: EP3368317B & with GMX engraving: EPEP3408097B1.   GlidePro® Patent Pending: GB2306638.4 
Sandon Global products

EHSL Compound End Liner

The fastest compound end liner available, Stolle’s new EHSL (Extended High Speed Liner) can apply sealing compound to up to 3500 EPM (10 head machine) or 3000 EPM (8 head machine).  The higher speed means that an end line can have fewer liners, saving floor space, trackwork, energy and maintenance.  The EHSL comes with a custom higher speed shell discharge system belt and end restacker, and features many other mechanical improvements and innovations.

More Information (PDF)            Watch Video

EHSL Compound End LIner

Sustainable Optimus Washer

The Stolle Optimus Can Washer has the lowest water consumption of any can washer available.  Intelligent counterflow & backflow systems minimize water usage and discharge to drain.  Fresh water is introduced at the final rinse, and is filtered and recycled through earlier rinse stages where the cans are less clean.  Energy saving features include a Low Loss Header for heat recovery from other can plant systems that reduces boiler gas consumption, and high efficiency Grundfos “E” pumps.

More Information (PDF)            Watch Video

Optimus Can Washer

Ragsdale Bodymaker Improvements

The improved redraw system uses a proven Standun-style pushrod carriage assembly.  The 2 secondary pushrods are guided by PEEK bushings in the ram guidance casting and are lubricated with bodymaker coolant.  To accommodate the improved redraw system, the existing ram guidance system has been replaced with a simpler one-piece cast assembly.  This casting includes larger PEEK bushings that are also lubricated with bodymaker coolant.  The major advantages of this new combined system are that it cuts the bodymaker’s oil consumption by up to 1 USG/day, provides better metal control and allows for faster diameter changeovers.

More Information (PDF)            Watch Video

Ragsdale Bodymaker improvements

Stolle R&D Technical Centers

Stolle Canton R&D room


Stolle is dedicated to continually advancing customer needs through innovation and technology, supplying investments in both resources and personnel. Specialized engineering staff work with experienced technicians in our R&D Technical Centers to try out new ideas and concepts and incorporate new technology and materials as they become commercially available.  Many times our teams start from scratch, developing equipment that simply doesn’t exist to fulfill industry needs for function, speed and efficiency.  Stolle R&D Technical Centers allow us the flexibility to experiment and test new ideas as they are being developed. 

Stolle has technical centers located in several of our assembly facilities around the globe and also work with a number of independent engineering firms for specialized assistance when practical.  

Engineer working with CS-3000
R&D Tech working on Canceptor
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