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Established in 1988, the main Stolle Brazil facility is a full-service Contract Logistics Center (CLC) strategically located in Indaiatuba, near the city of São Paulo and close to the most important Brazilian cargo airport in Campinas.  The 24,000 sq.ft. building houses management offices, a climate-controlled fully-equipped machine shop and quality control lab, an electronics lab, a large machine assembly and rebuild area, and a large warehouse space for spare parts and machine components.  A team of over 160 professionals works out of this facility, including manufacturing, administration, shipping and support staff.

In addition to our CLC in Indaiatuba, Stolle Brazil has sales and service facilities strategically located near major end-making facilities in Manaus, Amazonas.  Our Indaiatuba and Manaus facilities have responsive and knowledgeable service technicians to keep our customers’ can and end lines in production.

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Design Services

Design engineers at Stolle Brazil work on the Vortex Liner.


Turret of compound guns on a Vortex high speed Liner.

Machining Services

Several automated machining centers are part of a larger machining operation.


Quality Control checks are performed throughout the process.

Assembly Floor

The assembly floor can handle a large volume of machines at a time.


Stolle Brazil offers precision alignment services.

Turret on Vortex
Quality Control
Precision Alignment

Stolle Brazil Contacts

Stolle do Brasil Ltda • Alameda Vênus, No 104 • American Park Empresarial NR • CEP.13.347-659 • Indaiatuba, SP, Brazil
+55 19 3801 8400 • +55 19 3801 8419 Fax • (general sales e-mail)

Francisco Escudeiro

Francisco Escudeiro

Executive Vice President – Stolle South America
+55 19 3801 8416 Office
+55 19 99669 9944 Cell
Email Francisco
Paulo Cretes photo

Paulo Cretes

Sales Manager
+55 19 3801 8406 Office
+55 19 99863 8409 Cell
Email Paulo
Vagner Nogueira

Vagner Nogueira

Field Service Manager
+55 19 3115 8469 Office
+55 19 99138 8102 Cell
Email Vagner
Renata Andrietta

Renata Andrietta

Senior Sales Analyst / Field Service
+55 19 3115 8472 Office
Email Renata
Edson Andrade

Edson Andrade

Sales Supervisor
+55 19 3801 8410 Office
+55 19 99673 1045 Cell
Email Edson
Rodrigo Sanches Peres

Rodrigo Peres

Sales Analyst
+55 19 3801 8413 Office
Email Rodrigo
Andrea Alvarengo

Andrea Alvarenga

Sales Analyst
+55 19 3801 8408 Office
Email Andrea
Jaqueline Gaspar

Jaqueline Gaspar

Sales Analyst
+55 19 3801 8427 Office
Email Jaqueline
Richard Eguchi

Ricardo Eguchi

Business Development Supervisor – Ends
+55 19 3115 8336 Office
+55 19 99127 6998 Cell
Email Ricardo
Victor Almeida

Victor Almeida

Technical Sales Cans
+55 19 99760 1109
Email Victor
Gian Mazza

Gian Mazza

Technical Sales – Stolle Manaus
+55 92 99194 8340 Cell
Email Gian
Castilio Vilela

Castilio Vilela

Sales Analyst
+55 19 3115 8491 Office
Email Castilio
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