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Stolle HQ - Centennial, CO, USA

Stolle is the world’s leading supplier of two piece can and end-making machinery for the canmaking industry.

Stolle Cupper

Stolle high speed machines are the backbone of canmaking operations worldwide due to their proven productivity and reliability.  Stolle provides complete solutions at any level – from individual machines, line modules, and rapid service with OEM parts, to the design, build and commissioning of a complete facility.   Stolle’s technical leadership means that customers always receive equipment with the latest engineering advances and improvements.  Canmakers around the world know that Stolle supports their productivity and profitability.

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A Legacy of Innovation

Stolle Machinery is named for Ralph J. Stolle, founder of predecessor company The Stolle Corporation in Sidney, Ohio in 1961.  Mr. Stolle perfected the high speed production method for easy-open (pop-top) beverage ends, among other notable technical achievements.  To learn more about the incredible history of Stolle Machinery, take a look at our History Timeline.

Ralph J. Stolle
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Stolle's Philosophy Statements

Mission of the Group:

To develop and provide to our customers the most reliable solutions and innovative technologies to enhance the usefulness and beauty of metal packaging.


Vision of the Group:

Powered by innovation and guided by experience, Stolle will always be the leader in technology by:

  • Delivering high-speed, precise and safe packaging solutions that promote the brand experience through sustainability, color, shape, texture and ease of use.
  • “Serving the world” by being seen as a local provider in each market.


Values of the Group:
  • Safety, Quality, Sustainability, Technology and Customer Happiness represent our guiding principles.
  • We will treat everyone we meet with respect, and transact each piece of business at the highest ethical standard.
  • We will drive speed, quality and efficiency in every interaction.
  • We will add value by focusing on products and services that drive a higher return for our customers.
  • We will support our Customers at all times and anywhere in the world.


Environmental-Health-Safety Policy:

It is Stolle Machinery Company’s policy to operate in a safe, responsible manner, which respects the environment and the health of our employees, our customers and the communities where we operate.  We will not compromise environmental, health or safety values for profit or production.

Stolle Product Delivery System

Stolle SPDS is our road map to the next 100 years
of meeting our Goals, upholding our Core Values and
giving our People the tools and guidelines to do this.

Stolle SPDS graphic

Stolle Executive Team

The Stolle management team has a collective experience that reaches across the industry and the globe.  From previous experience in managing global relationships, technology and finance, they are well positioned to help continue the leadership of Stolle internally as well as internationally.  With a focus on technology and a dedication to continuing Stolle's globalization, each team member brings an invaluable perspective to the company.  These experiences blend seamlessly into a vision for the future that include the highest levels of customer satisfaction and the development of revolutionary new technologies that will advance the industry.

Gus Reall photo

Gus Reall

Chief Executive Officer

Ian Scholey photo

Ian Scholey

Chief Technical Officer

Rodrigo Pizani photo

Rodrigo Pizani

Chief Financial Officer

Michael Larson photo

Michael Larson

Global Chief Operating Officer

Photo of Mike Raderchak

Mike Raderchak

Chief Commercial Officer

Katherine Dent photo

Katherine Dent

Chief Human Resources Officer

Francisco Escudeiro photo

Francisco Escudeiro

Executive Vice President Stolle South America / China Group

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