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Stolle Global Systems has extensive experience around the world – from new installations on green or brownfields, to facilities redesign, to individual machine module analysis and remediation – we've got the experience to make it happen.  Many of the Global Systems team are former can plant employees and managers themselves – providing them with the insight and experience to understand the intricacies and practical ramifications of can and end line layout and construction.  To see some examples of recent Stolle Global Systems projects, click here.

From initial concept to commissioning, the Global Systems team uses a proven 6 step process of project management that delivers results with single source responsibility.  The Stolle Global Systems group has two primary focuses: Facilities construction and Process Analysis.  No matter what you require, your work is done quickly, efficiently, and with single source responsibility.

6 Step Process
Facilities Construction Services

For your construction project, we follow our proven 6 step process to complete your project.  We design, engineer, coordinate, install and commission your facility - and we help you hire, train and maintain your plant and equipment as well.


The Stolle Global Systems group is experienced in designing and building:
  • Beverage can lines

  • Beverage end lines

  • Food can lines – D&I or DRD

  • Food end lines – EOE or sanitary

  • Aerosol can lines

  • Lines and machines for other drawn containers or products

Can Line Installation

For smaller scale projects – line upgrades, additions, size changes, or factory relocations – we follow the same best practices to deliver the results you expect.  Many of our personnel have worked in can plants, so they understand the complexities and financial ramifications of these projects and work to complete them efficiently and with minimum production disruption. 

Production Process Consulting

We also offer tooling and can / end design and optimization services with complete technical support throughout the process.  We offer a range of value-added services that can keep any can or end plant running smoothly and profitably.  Whether you need an analysis of lines or machines using our sophisticated software and experience or tooling design for cupping, DWI and DRD systems, increased metal economies, enhanced usability and lowered costs are the results. 

Systems Engineer

Stolle Global Systems Contacts

Chris McAlpine

Chris McAlpine

Senior Vice President – Global Systems
+1 303-708-5048
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Phil Smith

Phil Smith

Sales Director – Stolle Europe
+44 7703 820 874 Cell
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