Sabeco Sông Lam


Vinh City, Vietnam

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Stolle’s relationship with the Vietnamese can industry dates back to 1995 when we were actively involved with the first 2-piece can plant built in that country.  13 years later, we were again a key player in Vietnam’s next new canmaking facility being built by Sabeco Song Lam JSC in Nghe An Province in the northern part of the country, which is also the birthplace of Ho Chi Minh.  There was a strong political interest in the opening of this can plant, which was timed to coincide with the birthday celebrations for Ho Chi Minh in 2009.

The  Plant was designed for an initial production of 1200 cpm (500 million cans and ends annually) of 330/255ml 211x206 aluminum cans with easy-open ends.  Stolle was selected to be the turnkey equipment supplier and provided comprehensive engineering and project management services, while Sabeco Song Lam JSC handled the construction of the building.  16 weeks after initial start-up, the can and end lines were producing at an excellent 85% efficiency and low spoilage rates well ahead of Stolle’s performance guarantees.  The plant was opened by the President of Viet Nam, and remains Viet Nam’s last new can plant investment to date.

Since the plant was opened in 2009, Sabeco Song Lam JSC has commissioned Stolle to provide engineering and tooling for can size down gauging as well as a line speed-up, which increased the production capacity to 1800 cpm (750 million cans and ends annually).  Sabeco Song Lam JSC also signed a 5 year contract with Stolle to supply OEM spare parts and technical assistance at the plant, which is supported through Stolle’s facility in Ho Chi Minh City.


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