Stolle E-NCKR

About the Stolle E-NCKR

The new Stolle E-NCKR machine is designed to neck 2-piece cans to accept a specified diameter end.  In addition to necking, the machine can be equipped with modules to perform other processing functions on the cans, including flanging, base reforming and light testing.  Cans enter the machine through an infeed module that includes 2 starwheels, an integral waxer and an optional vision inspection camera to perform 100% inspections of cans within the machine.  Each module of the E-NCKR ncludes a 20-pocket transfer wheel that moves the cans into a 12-pocket process turret wheel.  Cam-driven pushers move the cans into the tooling, and modules with necking tools also have rear pushers to move tools into the cans for the neck forming process.  This process is repeated through the required stages of the machine to perform all the steps of necking, as well as flanging, bottom reforming, light testing and discharge vision inspection functions if so equipped.  The Stolle E-NCKR is equipped with quick change height and diameter features so the machine can be easily and quickly modified to run different can sizes, and all process modules feature quick change tooling.  It also features full machine and process monitoring capability for integration into a plant-wide control and reporting system.