Shell Systems

About Stolle SRC Shell and End Systems

Stolle single-action, rotary curl (SRC) shell systems deliver speed, efficiency and consistently high end quality.  Featuring world-renown “Reverse Form” single-action tooling, Stolle SRC systems to use a single action press with lower maintenance requirements.  Individual air conveyors for each tooling pocket positively transfer the shells to the  TEC-240 rotary curlers, which can be configured up to three levels high curlers to save valuable floor space.  These unique features allow Stolle SRC systems to offer the industry’s lowest tooling costs per 1000 shells, maximum shell consistency and easier set-up and maintenance.  Systems are available in a variety of configurations to meet varying production requirements, including aluminum and steel material, sheet or coil-fed, and wide or narrow coil widths.  Stolle’s innovative S2C (Sheet to Coil) shell system can run both sheet and coil stock.  Designed for endmakers who run pre-printed sheet stock, the S2C will convert to run printed coil stock when it becomes available.