Stolle Saber Trimmer

About the Stolle Saber Trimmer

The new Stolle Trimmer represents the next generation of trimmers for 2-piece can aluminum or steel bodies. Featuring a unique new mechanical design, this machine provides maximum flexibility to canmakers that produce multiple can sizes. Rather than moving the cans into the knives like other trimmers, the Stolle Trimmer features stationary can pads and moving trimming heads that move the knives to the cans. The bottom of the cans remain in the same alignment to the domer in bodymaker, which allows for simpler and more reliable crossover trackwork. This technology also makes it much simpler to change can heights – a slide base allows the 3 trimming heads to be easily repositioned for different can heights with no change parts needed.

A unique vacuum starwheel positively transfers infeeding cans to the vacuum can pads which rotate the cans as they are contacted by the trim cartridges. The simpler, more robust cutting mechanism in each trimming head features fixed inner and outer knife centers. The 3 trimming heads are easily removable for maintenance and access to the knives for sharpening and/or replacement. The machine is driven by a heavy duty gear-reduced drive mechanism that does not require a brake. The all stainless steel enclosure and guarding is designed for easy access to all the machine internals, while providing effective coolant containment with a drip tray.