Rutherford Decorator and Basecoater

About the Stolle Rutherford Decorator and Basecoater

The Stolle Rutherford Decorator applies up to eight colors - plus varnish - at an amazing 2200 cans per minute with the superior resolution and accuracy that can makers have associated with the Rutherford name for over 50 years.  The dual head Stolle Rutherford Basecoater applies a perfectly opaque layer of ink at a superior 1800 cans per minute.  With the Rutherford Advanced Print System (APS), canmakers are able to achieve line screens in excess of 133 LPI without compromising speed, using either conventional dry offset or waterless lithography processes.  Both machines feature extremely fast can size changeover capability, easy access to components for ease of maintenance, and microprocessor-based programmable controls for total operational flexibility.

In 2013, Stolle introduced the new Rutherford Aerosol Decorator and Basecoater which are specially designed for tall cans up to 10½” high. These new machines can print tall cans at production speeds up to 1500 CPM, and are equipped with all the latest Rutherford inker and transfer improvements, including pivoting mandrels that improve print pressure and reduce toe-in.