Rotary Compound End Liners

About Stolle Rotary Compound End Liners

Stolle Rotary Liners are the can industry's preferred machines for applying lining compound to beer/beverage ends, sanitary ends and twist-off closures. 

The new Stolle Vortex Liner is available with 4, 6, 8 and 10 compound applicators for water-base compound, and the 10 station machine is the highest throughput beer-beverage end liner available with a throughput of up to 2600 EPM*.  The Vortex features a unique modular design that saves valuable plant floor space, as well as new design compound applicators with next generation control hardware and software with advanced diagnostics. The custom control system allows the Vortex Liner to be controlled and monitored from a tablet mobile device.

Stolle’s industry-standard HSL (single drive and speed) and VHSL (variable speed – independent drives for lower chucks and turret) liners are available in 4, 6, and 8 stations for end diameters from 200 to 603 and throughput up to 2100 EPM*.  These liners are equipped with the latest electronic compound applicators for water-base, solvent-base or plastisol compounds, and complete compound conditioning systems are available for solvent-base compound.

Custom features include single or dual infeed downstackers, and single or dual lane exit to fit your end line configuration.  Stolle's design upgrades, many of which are available as retrofit packages, will further increase the production and efficiency of new and existing liners.

* EPM is determined by the end diameter, compound type and other factors