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Stolle PRC WeightControl Filler

This machine gently fills many difficult-to-fill products, including chunky meat or poultry, raw fish portions, leafy or stringy vegetables, and viscous, non-food products.  Stolle also offers specially designed models that solve pet food filling problems.  The WeightControl Filler’s patented methods of product measurement provide superior fill weight accuracies. Its unique portion control mechanism adjusts the piston stroke of each precision-engineered filling station while the machine is operating to ensure consistent accuracies.  The machine’s wear resistant design maintains filling accuracies and reduces product leakage. Optional carbide coated or ceramic filling stations offer greater wear resistance against abrasive products, while special 316 stainless steel stations are designed to handle corrosive products.  The Stolle PRC WeightControl Filler is designed to fill cans, jars or cups at speeds that range from 40 to 1200 cpm depending on the product and/or container size, and the machine can be self-driven or seamer-driven.  Stolle also offers a WeightControl Carton Filler that handles even whole-leaf, Grade A spinach, providing hand-packed quality and appearance without the labor costs.  It fills institutional and custom carton sizes at speeds from 100 to 250 CPM.

Stolle PRC Former-Filler

This specialized filler forms a product and fills it into a container in a single operation, while guaranteeing an exact number of pieces and an exact fill weight in each container.  It forms and fills meatballs for spaghetti sauce, meat cubes for beef stew, or almost any other shape and size.  Multiple pistons can be located in each forming station, and the number is dependent on the size of the formed pieces and the size of opening in the container. In addition, up to three cutoff knife assemblies can be utilized. This means a forming station with five pistons can produce up to fifteen formed pieces per container. The piece count can be changed by locking pistons into place or removing the second or third cutoff.  The Stolle PRC Former-Filler fills cans, jars or cups at speeds up to 650 cpm, and the machine can be self-driven or seamer-driven.

Stolle PRC Pressure Regulator

This free standing unit provides a constant flow of product from a non-pressure sensitive pump to the Stolle PRC WeightControl Filler, which ensures a filler accuracy of +/- ½% while providing gentler product handling.  It also acts as a safety valve between the pump and the filler/closer system.  The model PRI-10 handles up to 21,500 per hour, and the model PRI-15 handles up to 60,000 pounds pounds per hour.