Optimus Can Washer

About the Stolle Optimus Can Washer

The Stolle Optimus Can Washer is designed to wash, treat the surface and rinse 2-piece beverage cans after they are discharged by the bodymakers/trimmers.  Each multi-stage washer machine features full process control at each stage that provides optimum flows & system pressures (resized pipework, pumps & valves) to reduce water & chemical usage.  As a result, can spoilage is reduced through more precise adjustments and controls, including VFD control on all pumps/fans and butterfly valves in the pipework and fine auto-adjustment setup on the main and hold-down belts.  Every Optimus Can Washer is custom-designed to meet specific customer requirements which may include additional rinse stages, heated stages, counterflows and backflows.  The washer’s reduced footprint saves plant floor space and allows a can capacity increase in the same or smaller floor space.