Optimus Can Dryer

About the Stolle Optimus Can Dryer

The Stolle Optimus Can Dryer is designed to process washed aluminum or steel beverage cans as they exit a can washer.  It is capable of raising the metal of the cans to the required temperature for complete evaporation of the water from the cans.  It incorporates a suction-type impingement recirculating air system which allows for a high heat transfer rate, while maintaining can stability via vacuum throughout the heating zone.  Available in a single or dual zone configuration, the Optimus Can Dryer features next generation high efficiency gas burners that reduce energy consumption over traditional burners while providing superior temperature uniformity (+/- 2o C).  The air distribution nozzles are fully auto-height adjustable, all fans and motors have direct-driven VFD controls, and the belts have an auto tracking and tensioning system.  The results are a compact drying package with reduced dwell times, reduced operating temperatures and smaller overall footprint.