InterCure Oven

About the Stolle InterCure Oven

The Stolle InterCure Oven cures the internal water-based coating of 2-piece beverage cans after they are discharged by the Inside Spray Machines.  The oven also finishes curing the ink and varnish on the exterior of the cans resulting in fully cured cans that are ready for the final steps of production.  The unit is designed to process aluminum or steel beverage and food cans, and is capable of raising the metal to the required temperature and hold time for complete curing of the internal and external coatings.  The oven’s 3-zone configuration allows for full flexibility and latitude in the curing process, and it is  specially designed to reduce condensate with several features including entry/exit capture zones and twin exhaust fans that reduce condensate build-up in oven interior & ductwork.  The InterCure Oven features next generation gas burners that reduce energy consumption over traditional burners, has fully auto-adjustable air distribution nozzles to match all can sizes, and offers superior temperature uniformity (+/- 2o C) and can stability.  The oven is available with an optional cooling zone and optional BPAni zone configurations.