Easy-Open End Test and Inspection Equipment

About Stolle Easy-Open End Test and Inspection Equipment

To maximize your quality control and production efficiency, there is nothing more valuable than easy-open end inspection and test equipment from Stolle.  The Stolle Photometric Leak Detector detects score and rivet leaks in compounded or non-compounded easy open ends.  This self-contained machine uses advanced light testing technology and a reliable Stolle transfer system to carry ends through the test station.  Defective ends are ejected from the production stream, and the control system keeps track of rejects to help indicate conversion system quality issues.  The Stolle Accu-Riv is a bench inspection system for testing and verifying that the rivet formation conforms to all specifications and tolerances at each step of conversion.  Stolle also sells and supports EOE test equipment from several other manufacturers, including buckle testers, score residual gauges, pop and pull testers, and an enamel rater system.