Draw / Redraw Systems

About Stolle Draw-Redraw Systems

With production speeds up to 250 SPM, Stolle Machinery will design and build you a customized DRD canmaking system for any type of 2-piece food can, as well as other types of drawn containers such as aerosol cans, oil filter casings, propane cylinders, battery casings, etc.  Stolle high volume two & three-press, and low volume single press systems feature the industry-proven DRD technologies of CIP, Redicon and Formatec and are designed to produce maximum strength containers from reduced gauge material.  These systems produce shallow or deep drawn, straight or tapered wall, or reduced sidewall containers.  Fast size changeovers with minimal downtime are standard for both the cupping and redraw die sets. Stolle shallow can systems use one press for both the cup and redraw operations, and include the wide coil ME-CA and narrow coil SDS systems.