Delta Gauge

About the Stolle Delta Gauge

The Delta Gauge significantly reduces the time and simplies the procedures for accurately aligning bodymaker tooling.  It's also invaluable for realigning the ram after replacement or maintenance.  Delta Gauge alignments ensure absolute concentricity and are faster and easier than any previous manual gauging method.

Easy to use, the maintenance technician simply inserts the gauge ring into the bodymaker's tool cradle and follows the on-screen prompts on the bright flat screen display.  On a Stolle Standun or Ragsdale Bodymaker with a cradle style took pack, alignments are typically performed each end of the tool cradle. On a Stolle Ragsdale Bodymaker with a letterbox tool holder, alignments are performed on the four tool stations (redraw, first, second and third iron).  The flat screen shows both a graphical and numeric reading of the alignment of the tool to the punch sleeve and the gauge's on-board computer will store static alignment measurements in a database for future reference.

Now packed in a rolling toolbox for ease of use at the bodymaker, the kit includes a gauge ring, gauge ring interface box, rugged hand-held computer with a flat-screen display, and a calibration jig for the gauge ring. For best results, a steel setup punch should be used.  Gauge rings are available for different can diameters from 200 to 300.  The ring is designed to fit a 6” tool pack, and is used with an adapter ring for larger diameter tool packs.