DecoCure Pin Oven

About the Stolle DecoCure Pin Oven

The Stolle DecoCure Pin Oven is used for thermosetting the external coatings on 2-piece beverage cans immediately after they exit a basecoater or decorator machine.  This specially-designed oven is designed to cross-link the coatings in less than 10 seconds with superior temperature uniformity and can stability throughout.  Next generation high efficiency gas burners reduce energy consumption over traditional burners, and high efficiency recirculation fans provide air delivery through U-shaped nozzles which follow the serpentine chain path throughout the heating zone.  This design ensures an optimum heat transfer rate and a low temperature differential between the upper/lower sidewalls.  A new compact pin chain shaft design complete with internal bearings eliminates the need for external shaft seals and unsightly leaks, and the shafts are designed for adjustment to accommodate multiple pin chain lengths.  The DecoCure Pin Oven comes complete with a chain conveyor system, fans, ductwork, burner equipment with all relevant safety devices, and a compact pre-dry frame with an air knife system.