Can Body Light Testers

About Stolle Can Body Light Testers

Stolle can provide a light tester tailored to meet any production volume and inspection requirement for 2 and 3-piece aluminum and steel can bodies.  Featuring the Reynolds RT6 models and Randolph LT series, Stolle light testers can detect pinholes as small as .002” and cracked flanges as small as .015”, and are designed for continuous production with minimal maintenance.  New innovations offer improved efficiency and increased line speeds of up to 2400 cans per minute, depending upon the light tester model and can size.  RT6 testers feature vacuum can handling and LT series testers have starwheel can handling, and the RT6, LT-12 and LT-16 models are available with an integrated, customer-supplied, inside vision inspection system.  Stolle also offers a selection of upgrade packages that can improve the speed, performance and efficiency of existing Reynolds and Randolph light testers.