Baosteel Metals Company, Ltd.


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Chengdu, China

Stolle’s first full project for Baosteel was engineering, supplying equipment and turnkey project management for a new plant to produce 2-piece steel beverage cans (1 line, 330/355ml 211x206 cans).  It was the third can plant constructed by Baosteel which has plants in Shanghai and Hebei, and their first civil construction in house.

Stolle’s team worked with the customer’s team throughout all phases of the building construction, machinery installation and line start-up, providing in-depth support, can and tooling design, and full turnkey project management.  14 weeks after the start of machinery installation, the new plant was in operation and producing 1200 cpm, and performing beyond Stolle’s guaranteed 85% efficiency rating.

Not long after the plant was finished and in production, a devastating earthquake struck central China.  As a testament to its quality design, construction and workmanship, the plant only suffered minor damage and was back in operation within a few days.  The Stolle team remained at the plant during this time and helped as needed, even sleeping on a bus and donating blood which strengthened the bond between them and the Baosteel employees.

Since the plant was completed in 2008, Stolle has provided a speedup package which enables the plant to produce 1800 cpm, which is in excess of 700 million cans annually.  The customer reports that the Chengdu plant is Baosteel’s best-performing can plant.

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